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Учителите са сърцето на “Хелен Дорон”

и ние много се гордеем с тях! Те са хората, които вдъхват живот на уникалната ни методология и чрез позитивната си енергия в клас превръщат ученето в детска игра.

Words from Teachers

  • “Давам много свобода на децата да бъдат себе си и винаги ги хваля за приноса им в клас. Виждала съм много срамежливи и проблематични деца, които коренно се променят след като дойдат при нас.”

    Паула, учител
  • “Много съм щастлива, че съм част от магията “Хелен Дорон”. Ако преди време някой ми беше казал, че ще водя часове по английски с тази методология в родното ми Чепеларе и ще имам такъв успех, вероятно нямаше да му повярвам.”

    Мица Пепеланова, учител
  • “Днес Helen Doron English е водеща програма в света, не само заради методологията или първокласните ни учебни материали, но и заради изключителните ни УЧИТЕЛИ!”

    Хелен Дорон, основател и директор
  • “Децата са невероятни! Могат да научат и 20 езика, стига някой да им ги поднесе систематично.”

    Венета Богданова - Ройъл, teacher trainer


  • Love working with kids?
  • Speak excellent English?
  • Looking for a fulfilling, independent career?

If you answered yes to these questions, becoming a Helen Doron English teacher may be the best career choice you’ll ever make. As a Helen Doron English teacher you will enjoy flexible working hours, a profitable freelance career, job satisfaction and the pride that comes from being part of a global community of respected Helen Doron English teachers. We offer you—

  • A proven method for teaching English as a second language (ESL) to children of all ages.
  • Nearly 30 years of experience in ESL and training teachers
  • Multiple career paths: self-employed teacher or learning centre employee
  • An international Helen Doron English Teaching diploma for worldwide career opportunities
  • Educational support from Head Office through top-quality teaching materials, annual seminars and trainings, networking channels and an organization-wide information portal.
  • A rewarding career and the chance to make a difference in children’s lives

We’re looking for people with—

  • Excellent command of English, both spoken and written
  • Prior experience teaching English, children or both
  • An academic background

Words from Teachers

  • “Благодаря на учителите в “Хелен Дорон”, че ме научиха на английски и ми показаха колко далече мога да стигна с него.”

    Марчин, Полша

    Станете наш учител


It’s no coincidence that our teachers are the best in the industry.

We take their training VERY seriously.

Small Groups
Teacher training courses are conducted much like the Helen Doron English classes. They are fun, held in small groups in a responsive and engaging environment, and are designed to expand trainees’ joy in teaching.

Course Options
Candidates can choose to become Helen Doron Early English (HDEE) teachers or Helen Doron Teen English (HDTE) teachers, depending on their preferences and previous teaching experience. For teachers who have successfully completed the full five-day HDEE course, a short two-day seminar focusing on HDTE is available.

Length of Courses
The HDEE and HDTE Teacher training courses are each five-days. Each one is divided into 2 stages. First is a two-day introduction and evaluation. Candidates have a chance to take a closer look at the materials and methodology while trainers evaluate participants. After day two, suitable candidates advance to the second stage, which includes and in depth understanding of the methodology, practical demonstrations, and written assignments.

Teacher Trainers
All Helen Doron Early English teacher trainers are professionals with proven competency and years of experience teaching the unique Helen Doron English method to new teachers.

Trainees must complete the course requirements in order to graduate. In addition to the course participation hours, a minimum of one hour prep time is required each evening outside of class to prepare for the next days’ lesson. A 2- 3 page essay is also required to complete the course. Candidates must pass practical demonstrations and submit an essay in order to graduate.

What graduates take home
All graduating teachers receive teaching kits, including books and CDs; teacher guides, flashcards and other teaching aids; promotional tools such as press files and media kits; and practical information on running a self-employed business. Most importantly, graduates receive their Helen Doron English Teacher Diploma which enables them to teach at over 800 Helen Doron English Learning Centres around the world or set up their own learning studio.

See our COURSE CALENDAR for upcoming Teacher Training Courses around the world.


Words from Teachers

  • “Днес Helen Doron English е водеща програма в света, не само заради методологията или първокласните ни учебни материали, но и заради изключителните ни УЧИТЕЛИ!”

    Хелен Дорон, основател и директор